Without Their Permission by Ohanian



Without Their Permission follows the journey of a young, successful entrepreneur of the new economy.  Alexis Ohanian embodies the modern American dream.  He’s a mix of traditional hard working grit and contemporary Millennial ideals.  He ignores the apparent dichotomy of the Millennials and everyone else while being living proof  there is a bridge connecting two disparate worlds.  I don’t think that was his goal.  But his story is definitely a bright spot of what a selfless Millennial can accomplish to make the world a better place.  There is no entitlement or arrogance in his pages.  You’ll find sincerity and optimism from cover to cover.

Without Their Permission is divided into three sections

  • Part I covers the beginning of the Reddit story and ends with Hipmunk.
  • Part II covers what Ohanian describes as Startup MBA.  This section lives up to its chapter titles.
  • Part III illustrates how his new found fortune and influence have empowered him to focus on making the world a better place.  He seems determined to stay true to his beliefs.

His book is full of examples of what worked and failed on his journey of launching Reddit.  He backs up his opinions with examples of his successes and failures.  The tone seems geared for a younger audience – probably his peers.  But don’t let this deter you from devouring this book and learning from it.  If you have any desire to launch a business in the modern economy then this is a must read book.

Find Without Their Permission here.


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