Rise by Patty Azzarello & Keith Ferrazzi


InTheMiddleMedium  Do you every have the sense you are stuck in your career?  Maybe you are new in the corporate world and don’t understand how it works.  Or have you had the gut-wrenching experience of someone else being promoted over you?  Were you ever given a chance at a promotion and failed miserably?

Rise is a guidebook on how to advance your career regardless of your age, current position or past mistakes.  The basic premise is advancement requires you to shift from workhorse to leader by leaving the safety of your work-based performance and learn to be a leader by working smarter, managing your upward exposure and helping others.  While none of these concepts are new, Azzarello reframes them and uses her career as the basis for the argument.   She does an excellent job taking you through her journey to prove her points.

Some of the key concepts:

  • Ruthless Priorities are the foundation to growing your career and managing your life.
  • Workhorses are valued for their output, not for the complete person.
  • Every step up is advancing into the unknown.
  • Removing uncertainty is one of the most important tasks of a leader.
  • Be aware of what you are communicating about yourself.

Short quotes:

No one will ever give you permission to be less busy…Just know it’s not the work that matters; it’s the outcomes you deliver.

Once you realize that your job is both your job description and dealing with all the crap that gets in the way of your doing your job description, and that what you are actually getting paid for is dealing with the crap, not the enjoyable parts, it all makes more sense.

Successful people fail more than unsuccessful people. They try a lot, they do a lot, and they fail a lot.  They just get over it and keep going.

Rise is an excellent, well written guide for anyone who feels stuck in a job and desires to transition into a growing career.

Book on Amazon here.

Fine more about Patty here.

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