Resonate by Nancy Duarte

InTheMiddleMedium  Corporate presentations are boring at best and excruciating at worst.  Everyone involved suffers.  There is a way to change this.  Resonate by Nancy Duarte teaches you how to improve your ability to communicate from the comfort of your tablet.  At least as a starting point.  Eventually, you’ll have to really present something to someone.  But you will be able to stand out in a good way – presenting information in a way that grabs your audience, takes them on a short journey, and leads them to a better place.

Resonate by Nancy Duarte is no normal book.

Resonate is ground-breaking in two distinct ways.  First, the methodology Duarte offers is new and can help anyone improve a presentation.  She deconstructs why great speeches are great.  Duarte uses that knowledge to create a framework that normal people can understand.  Resonate puts great presentations within the grasp of anyone.

Second, this book truly captures the power of tablet devices.  Although you can purchase Resonate in print, I wouldn’t.  Even if you don’t care to learn more about presenting, your creative juices will start flowing from simply experiencing Resonate from a tablet.  However, if you ever do need to speak to more than one person at a time, you’ll learn something worthwhile from Resonate.

Core concepts:

  • Transform information into a call to action by telling a story
  • Create common ground
  • Introduce your big idea
  • Own the inherent risk of change and identify the risk
  • Contrast creates interest and keeps the audience engaged
  • Have a structure (see note)
  • Always have a  STAR.  Something They’ll Always Remember
  • Learn the rhythm of oral presentation

Have a structure: Think about flying.  You expect an airplane to taxi, take off, fly for a bit, then safely land.  Provide the same for your audience. (Thanks Jim Littleton)

Duarte holds your hand as she builds you from concept to practice.  Use Resonate as your first step of improving your presentations.  Begin a self-guided class at your company with Resonate.  Keep using it as the way to continuously improve your presentation skills.  It truly is one of the best books I’ve read on presenting.


Although this deviates a bit from Duarte’s work, I encourage you to check out Emiland after you read Resonate.  You’ll probably check him out now, but remember to check him out again after Resonate.

Resonate and Emilad are complementary.  Resonate provides the structure for content and Emilad provides guidelines for style.  Both are important for effective presentations.

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